Why does hot food delivery exist at all?

Who predicted it? And who would have believed it?

If Cassandra had predicted that there would be a world wide pandemic that brought us all to our knees, no-one, as usual, would have believed it. Yet if she had said that the great British public, rather than cook tasty and nutritious food at home, would expect delivery drivers to jump into their cars, or onto their scooters, in all weathers, to deliver hot pizzas, hamburgers, curries, chicken drumsticks and all manner of fast food that could be easily whipped up at home at a fraction of the cost? They'd have laughed her to scorn.

Yet here we are with tens of thousands of food delivery drivers buzzing up and down the roads. The insurance industry have even invented a special type of insurance for drivers delivering food. New multi-million pound companies such as Uber Eats, Dominos, Just Eat, and deliveroo have huge waiting lists of pizza shops, Indian restaurants and Chinese takeaways begging them to let their drivers loose on their hot junk food. And meanwhile in the rest of the world people starve.

Unbelievable. And no-one predicted it!