Harry Potter

Harry Potter is a fictional character who captured the hearts of many people all over the world. After dominating the wide screen for almost a decade, the story finally come to its end. But Harry Potter fans couldn't get over it. But while Harry Potter's future is still questionable, his magic will live on.

How it All Started

Harry Potter is a product of J.K. Rowling's creative imagination. It was in 1990 when she started writing about Harry Potter. Working as a bilingual secretary for Amnesty International in London at that time, Rowling used her free time to write a story.

Twelve publishers rejected Rowling's story, but the number thirteen finally accept it. In just few months Harry Potter's character rose to fame in England. Today, the stories dominates the world with it's wide distribution through books, movies, computer games and more.

Why Did People Love Harry Potter?

When people are asked why they love Harry Potter, the answers are almost always the same. Harry Potter has been part of our lives for almost a decade. His magic lives on everytime we read or watch his story. Potter leads us to a world where nothing is impossible, and love is all that matters.

His story in the book or in the film might have ended, but his journey still remains true in our hearts. We might grow old and soon everything will be forgotten, but his story will continue to inspire others especially the young ones.